Vodafone Micromax 4G Android Mobile at Rs.999

Vodafone Micromax 4G Android Mobile at Rs.999

Vodafone Offers Micromax Bharat 2 Ultra Mobile at Rs.999. Micromax Bharat 2 Ultra mobile comes with 4G VoLTE. You can use high speed Internet through that Mobile. And also, 4G provides Unlimted Data with Fastest Internet in your hand. In India, there is huge competition between mobile operator.
Micromax Bharat 2 Ultra is an Android Smartphone with 4 Inch Touchscreen display and it comes with Android Marshmallow Operating System. It has 2MP Primary Camera and also 0.3MP Selfie Camera. The Main Feature of this mobile is 4G VoLTE, 1.3GHz Spreadtrum SC9832 Quad-Core Processor, 512MB RAM and 4GB ROM. Other Features like WiFi, Bluetooth, FM Radio, USB, GPS, etc… At the time of Purchase, You have to pay Full Price of the Mobile and you can get the Cashback of the Mobile.
Specification of Micromax Bharat 2 Ultra
  • 4G VoLTE
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS
  • 3GHz Quad-Core Processor
Screen Size
  • 4 Inches
Screen Resolution
  • 480×800 Pixels
Display Type
  • TFT
Touch Screen
  • Multi-touch
OS and Processor
Operating System
  • Marshmallow (Android 6.0)
  • 3GHz Quad Core
  • 512MB
  • 4GB
  • 32GB
Main Camera
  • 2MP
  • LED Flash
Selfie Camera
  • 0.3MP
  • 4G, 3G, 2G
  • WiFi 802.11
  • Mobile Hotspot
USB Connectivity
  • microUSB 2.0
Micromax Bharat 2 Ultra will be available at the price of Rs.999. You have to pay the total price of the mobile at the time of purchasing it and you have maintain the monthly recharge of the mobile at Rs.150. After the completion of 18 months, user can get cashback of Rs.900. Then, if it completes 36 months, the user can again get the cashback of Rs.1000. Now the Price of that 4G Mobile will be Rs.999 only.
Airtel offers Karbon A40 India Mobile
Karbon A40 Indian Mobile is a 4G Smartphone and it comes with Android Nougat 7.0 operating Sysytem. It operates on 1.3GHz Quad Core Processor and also having 1GB of RAM (Random Access Memory), 8GB Internal Storage Space, 32GB Expandable Memory. You can store videos, Music, pictures and other data upto 32GB with the help of SD cards. It supports 22 languages in India and WVGA display helps to use the Mobile with easy to touch. Its selfie camera helps to take selfie within a second. Its main advantages is 4G VoLTE with Touch Screen.

How to Delete All Data Remotely From a Missing or Stolen Laptop?

When it comes to digital world, security is one of the most important factor to consider. So today I'm going to discuss something related to your data security in laptop. We may have come across many situations where our friends or known persons say their laptop has been stolen from somewhere or we see people asking help in social media or forums to find the stolen laptop.

If you haven't installed any location tracking software or other tracking tools in your laptop before it gets stolen, then its hard to find the laptop in most of the cases. Sometimes even if we install tracking software in our laptop, it might become hard to track the laptop if the thief is technically expert. So its always best practice to have any application installed in your laptop which let us to wipe all the data remotely in case we fail to find the missing laptop. This best practice helps to protect our privacy even after losing the laptop.

So in this article, I'm going to introduce you a software which will let you to wipe all the data remotely in few seconds after the laptop is missing or stolen by someone. Just in case, if you fail to find the laptop as soon as possible after missing, you can use this method to delete any important files from the laptop remotely. Mostly we might save our personal photos and other confidential documents in laptop to have access again in future and if those data got leaked by the thief, then it might create you unnecessary problems.

Let's have a look on how to delete all the data remotely from the missing or stolen laptop which is going to save your privacy even after you lose the laptop.

How to Delete Laptop Data Remotely

First of all you have to visit thelaptoplock.com site and sign up there with a valid email ID.
Once you finish the registration process, login to the site and add the laptop details as they require you.

Next note down the computer Id which will display after you add the computer details. After that download the Thelaptoplock software to your laptop.

Now install the software in your laptop and enter computer ID, email address and the password you gave in their official site and click on save button.

Next go to Security tab and from there choose Manage security plans option. Here you will need to add the files and folder's location to be deleted remotely in case your laptop is missing or stolen by someone. Also you can encrypt files and folders as well.

That's it. You're done for the laptop to be remotely wiped. Now whenever your laptop is stolen by someone or the laptop goes missing, simply sign in to the thelaptoplock.com site and mark that your laptop is missing.

Now as soon as possible, the files and folder which you have set to delete from laptop will get wiped and encrypted.

You can download and install the laptoplock software to your laptop by Clicking here. So this is one of the safest and easiest way to protect all your important files and folders in your laptop from third party person in case your laptop goes missing. 3333333

How to Receive All Android Notification Directly in Your Computer

Today I'm going to show you how to get android phone notifications in your computer when the phone is not with you. Yes, you can get all the notifications of your android smartphone in your home or office computer.

This trick might help you in a situation like when you put the phone in charge or kept it somewhere in another room in your home and work in a computer. In such a situations you never know who has called you or who has messaged you until you check the phone. But using this trick, you will able to get all the notification in real time through the computer even if the phone is not near you.

Sound like a big process..? No, not at all. You can setup this within 3-4 minutes and get all the notifications from the PC. You don't need to root your android device or you don't need any third party applications to build this trick in your phone. All you need is google chrome web browser for computer and Desktop notification app for your android device and a google account.

This trick works based on the google account and here you will need to setup the same google account in both the android phone and the computer. So it doesn't matter where you are, and where your phone is..! If you use the same google account for PC and phone on this trick , you will be able to get notifications of your phone through the computer from anywhere. 

So let's have a look on how to get all the notification of android phone to desktop computer through google chrome.

How to Get Mobile Notification in PC

First of all, start the google chrome browser in your computer and install the desktop notification extension.
Once you finish the installation process, click on the chrome extension and sign-in with a gmail account.

That's it. Now you have configured the computer to get the mobile notifications.

Now get your android smartphone and download the Desktop notification application from google playstore.

Now start the app and enable desktop notification feature. Once you finish the activation sign-in with the google account which you have already used to sing-in from desktop computer.

That's it. You're done. Now your android smartphone and computer is connected to share all the notification from the mobile.

So this is one of the simple method to get all the mobile notifications on computer with easy steps. You can download Chrome Desktop notification extension by Clicking here and you can download Desktop notification android application by Clicking here.

This super cool trick will help you to check all the notification of mobile in real-time even if the mobile is not near you and you're busy in-front of the computer system.

Recover Deleted Files From Android Recycle Bin

We may use many recovery applications on our android device to recover any important files which we delete by mistakenly. I have already introduced you an android application to recover any deleted file such as image or video from your android device's  such as image or video which has deleted from phone internal internal storage or SD card. If you have not read that article, you can check it by clicking here.

So in this article I'm going to introduce another application for android which is similar to other android recovery applications but there's something special in this when compared to the normal recovery apps. Yes..! This application works like recycle bin on windows, mac or linux PCs.

Usually if we delete any file from our computer it will be saved in recycle bin temporarily. So whenever we feel that the file was deleted mistakenly, we can recover particular file from recycle bin. This is one of the great feature in desktop computers. But what about smartphones? If we delete any important file mistakenly from our phone, we must install a recovery app to find the deleted file. Hereafter you can use recycle bin even in your android smartphone or tablet.

Yes..! Dumpster is an android application which perform as a recycle bin for your android device. You can use this as a recycle bin to recover any deleted file from your phone in a particular period. The process is quite similar to how you would handle in windows computer.

So let's have a look at how to use this application in your android device to restore any recent deleted files.

How to Recover Deleted Files in Android?

Firstly, you need to download the recycle bin application for your android phone from google play store.
Once you finish the installation process, start the application in your smartphone and you have to enable some settings.

Select what type of files need to be stored in recycle bin once you delete it from your phone.

You can setup some other options like auto clean/ cloud storage from settings menu.

That's all. From now on, if you delete any photo or video from your phone, it will be directly stored in this recycle bin app until as per auto deletion period.

You can get this app from below link to your android device.
Playstore link

Please note that dumpster app will keep only the files in its recycle bin which you delete from your android phone after you install the app, not those files which were deleted before you install the app.

How to Find Unknown WiFi Password of a Router

Nowadays, mostly we use WiFi over the smartphone to access the internet. Also most of the smartphones are introduced to market with accompanied in-built WiFi system. WiFi has turned out to be an essential thing among all the smartphone users.

While the majority of the WiFi systems are implemented with higher security algorithm which is very hard to hack effortlessly, some WiFi systems are implemented with less security or no security. WiFi systems with less security might be mostly implemented in home environment. 

So today we will talk something related to WiFi networks. Sometimes we tend to forget our WiFi password or we might be in a need of knowing the WiFi password which is already auto saved in our smartphone.

Therefore in this post, I'm going to introduce an application which will help you to discover the WiFi password of certain WiFi network just in case you don't remember it.

Please note, that the following method will work well in both root and non-rooted android devices. If your phone is not rooted, this app will allow you only to connect with the network. But if your device is rooted, it will show you the WiFi network password also.

How to Find WiFi Password

First of all, you have to download the wps tester application for your android smartphone from google play store.
Once you finish the installation process, start the app in your phone.

Then click on scan button which is on top of interface and all the available WiFi network will be listed.

Now simply click on any WiFi network and you can send 'connect auto pin' request to locate the unknown WiFi password.

You can download the app directly from google play store by Clicking here.

As I mentioned above, this app works pretty well in both root and non-root android devices. Therefore it isn't compulsory for your phone to be rooted.

How to Remove Unwanted Object From a Photo?

Photo editing is one of the most important skill to develop if you're a social media addict. When it comes to social media, Facebook and Instagram are the leading networks among the social media users. So if you're using these social networks, you might upload many photos on a regular basis. While uploading any photos to these sites, usually we add some filters or effects to make it look more awesome among our friends and family. So today's article is about a photo editing app.

Most of us depend on our Photoshop skilled friend to make our photo look more attractive or if we want to remove any unwanted parts from the photo. Recently when I was in a foreign country, I took some cool snaps of the nature. Unfortunately some of the photos were captured with few unwanted stuffs around, which ruined the beauty of those pics.

So I asked my "Photoshop buddy" whether it's possible to remove few things from my photos and make it look awesome. He said Ok and started working with my photos on Photoshop software through laptop and it took more than 1 hour to remove those few things from my photos like I wanted it to be.

Once we finish the photo editing work, one of our friend visited us and asked what are we are doing. I explained him and he told me that I can simply use TouchRetouch app to do this in less than a minute. Then he showed me the app in his phone with a sample editing.

That was really a cool app to remove the unwanted things from a photo with very few clicks. TouchRetouch app is a paid application available on google play store and app store for your android and iPhone. So let's have a look on how to use this application to remove anything from your photo.

Remove Unwanted Object from a Photo

First of all, download this object eraser app to your smartphone from google playstore or app store.

Once you finish the installation process, start this app in your phone and load a photo from gallery.

Then, you have to click on brush icon from bottom of the app and color the object which you want to remove from the photo.

Once you finish the process, simply click on Start button which can be found in bottom of this app interface.

That's it. Now the object gets removed from the photo and you can save the photo to the gallery or you can share it directly with your friends via email / social media or bluetooth.
You can get this app from below link to your android or iPhone.

Android | iPhone

This is one of the amazing app to remove unwanted objects from the photo with very easy steps. This app might be very useful for us where we don't need any technical skills to work with.

Phone Raises Loud Alarm When Sim Card is Changed

These days huge number of security related apps are being developed by various app developers for android smartphones. So today I'm going to introduce another security related app for your android device. This application can protect your phone by blocking the device when someone try to change the sim card.

This is quite helpful in a situation where someone steals your phone, remove your sim card and then insert a new one. Here, the app act quickly and prevent the device from using with a new sim card.

Not only block the sim card, but also send the newly inserted sim card number to your any other phone through short message service which might be helpful to trace the thief and as well as send a mail to your email box with the new sim card number and the current location of the device in case if gps service is available in your phone.

Yes..! This is possible with sim change alert app for android. This app works based on current sim card registered in the phone and when a new sim card is inserted, the device will require a password to unlock the device. Until you enter the right password configured earlier in your device, the device will keep ringing an alarm tone.

So lets have a look on how to setup your android phone to prevent the new sim card registration and raise alarm if someone inserts a new sim card without your knowledge.

How to raise alarm when sim card is changed

Firstly get this security alarm raising app to your phone from google play store.
Once you finish the installation process, start the app in your phone and you have to configure few setting before you use it.

Now you have to setup the pin code or pattern lock to stop the alarm sound when sim gets changed. So you're the only person who know the password to stop the alert sound once the sim gets changed.

After that you have to setup emergency email address and emergency SMS number in the app.

That's it. From now on, if someone inserts a new sim card, an alarm will raise to confirm whether it's you or not. You can get this app directly from google Playstore to your android phone.

This app is very useful to have in your phone to find the thief in case your phone is stolen and the sim card is changed by the thief. Also this app can protect your privacy from home mates.

How to Monitor a Room Remotely Using Phone Camera?

Smart phone has taken over our generation to the next level. So today I'm going to review a smartphone application which allow us to monitor a phone remotely through a master phone. This application might be useful to monitor your home or office location via remotely through the phone when you're far away.

For example, say you left your kid in a room and working in a kitchen. You have no clue whats happening in the room and what's your kid doing right now. In such a situation, you can monitor your kid's activity through your phone remotely. To do all these you will need two smartphones and Trackview application installed in both the smartphone. This situation is like you're monitoring a certain area in CCTV. But here both the camera and monitoring device are smartphones and one phone act as a camera while the other phone as a monitoring device.

And here, features and facilities are not limited like CCTV video monitoring. You can monitor the client phone's current location through GPS as well as you can check the travelling route.

Also you can setup motion detection and sound detection for client phone from the master phone. So whenever phone gets moved, you will get alert in your phone, likewise you will get alert when someone speak or any sound detected from client phone's speaker. 

More than this, Trackview app let us to ring client phone remotely through master phone even if the phone is in silent mode. This amazing feature is very useful in a situation where you lose the client phone. So let's see how to use this app and monitor a phone remotely.

How to View Phone Camera Remotely?

Download the remote monitoring app to your phone directly from app store or playstore.
Once you finish the installation process, enter a name for your device.

And then sign-in to the app with your gmail from your phone.

Now install client app in the phone which you want to monitor and sign-in with the same email id (given in master phone) in client phone.

That's it. Now you will be able to monitor the client phone from your phone when the internet is available in client phone.

As I mentioned above, you can setup motion / sound detection and route tracking by select setting tab of client device.

You can purchase this app from its official site as well as directly from app store and google play store.

Android | iPhone

If you want to monitor a specific room or area in your home/office with high technology such as motion detection and sound detection. We highly suggest this monitoring app for your android and iPhone.


Phone Raises Loud Alarm When it Get Moved by Someone

Today we are have decided to review one of the best security related app to your android smartphone. We do use antivirus application to protect phone from viruses and malware. But what about protecting your phone from someone stealing it or breaking your privacy through unauthorized access.

So today I'm going to introduce you, an application which is pretty cool to protect your phone from being stolen or from someone trying to use it without you knowing.

This security application might be useful to protect your phone from being stolen in many instances. Lets say you are travelling in a fully packed bus and if someone tries to steal the phone, this app act swiftly and raise the loud alarm to let you know that someone is trying to steal your phone.

Likewise, this app prevents your phone from home mates accessing it without your knowledge. It could be anyone; your parents, your siblings, your spouse, anyone trying to creep into your phone will get caught red-handed with a loud alarm.

Interesting right? Is this possible? Yes..! This is possible with the sensor technology. This app works based on sensor to alert the phone owner when it gets carried away by someone. So lets see how to use this app.

How to raise alarm when phone gets moved

First, you have to get this security alarm raising app from play store to your phone.
Once you finish the installation process, start the app in your phone and you have to configure few setting before you use it.

Firstly you have to setup the password or pattern lock to stop the alarm sound in this app. So that only you know the password to stop the alert sound once the phone gets moved.

Also there are some more useful settings available in this app which let you to control the app even more like sensor, alarm tone and alarm time period.

You can get this app from google playstore directly for your android smartphone.

This app is worth to have in your phone since it's providing security from thief in public places and public transports. Also this app is helpful to protect your privacy from home mates. So it's one of the recommended app to have in your android smart phone.

Best Photo Recovery App for Android

Hello friends, today I’m going to introduce an application for your android phone to restore your deleted files from the mobile. You may lose your photos, videos or any other important file due to virus attack, mislead click or any other reasons.

During such time, recovering the deleted file from the mobile can be a headache for you. But from now onwards, you don’t need to worry, in case you delete any files from your android phone mistakenly. Here I’m introducing you one of the best file recovery application namely, DiskDigger for android smartphone.

If you go through Google play store, you will find several recovery application for android, but all those apps can’t do the job as we expect. DiskDigger isn’t like that. This app is very smart to recover the deleted file from android.

You can use this app in both root and non-rooted devices. But if your phone is not rooted, this application will perform a limited scan.

If your phone is rooted, this app can perform a deep scan to identify all the deleted files. Also you can scan for deleted videos in your phone when the phone is rooted.

So let's have a look on how to use this app to get back your deleted files from android devices.

How to Recover Deleted Photos & Videos

First of all, download the diskdigger application to your phone directly from google play store.
Once you finish the installation process, start the app in your phone.

There you will find an option to scan for deleted photos. Click on scan and it will take few minutes to complete the scan.

This application can recover the lost photos/ images from your internal memory as well as SD card.

Once the files are recovered, you can directly upload all the files to Google drive, drop box or you can send through email. Also you can save the recovered files in a different folder directly from the application.

You can download the app directly from google play store through following link.

Download App

This app is highly recommended to recover deleted files if the device is rooted. 3333333

Jio 4G Prime Membership: How to Join and What are the Data Plans Available

Reliance jio is ruling the entire Indian internet users past few months. As we all know, Jio network offered plenty of surprise 4G data plans since last year 2016. At the beginning, Jio offered unlimited internet plan and after 2 months they restricted the internet speed to minimum, once the 4GB limit crosses in a day. This data plan continued till last year December and most of the Jio users were so disappointed that the offer ended. 

But Jio had come up with other plan and they announced new year data plan 2017, where Jio users can enjoy 1GB per day at unlimited speed till 31st of March 2017.

Once again jio users were disappointed that the offer will expire after 31st March. But now Jio has announced their detailed 4G internet plans for next 1 year which surprised everyone.

Jio has come up with a new data plan called Jio 4G Prime which includes many data plans at very cheap rate as per light and heavy internet users' requirement.

Jio Prime membership plan has launched since the company gained 10 million happy customers within very short period of 6 months. Jio Prime exclusive offers are available only for the current Jio users and who will join with Jio network before 31st of March 2017.

How to Activate Jio Prime Membership

If you want to enjoy Jio 4G Prime offers and services, you will have to pay Rs.99 for registration before 31st of March.
Once you successfully complete the registration, you can pick any of Jio data plans as per your internet usage per day.

Jio Prime membership offer

Jio users can register with Jio prime from March 1st to 31st.

You have to pay Rs.99 to join this service and you can pay the joining fee on Jio official site or using MyJio app in your phone.

Jio 4G Prime Membership Tariff and Data Plans

Let's have a look on what are the Jio 4G data plans available in prime membership and its rate.

Unlimited Calls and SMS, 100MB data, 200MB WiFi data, Unlimited Data at Night, Validity – 1 day


Unlimited Calls and SMS, 750MB data, 1.5GB WiFi data, Unlimited Data at night, Validity – 7 days

Unlimited Calls, 300MB data, 100 SMS, Validity – 28 days

Unlimited Calls and SMS, 2GB data, 4GB WiFi data, Unlimited Data at night, Validity – 21 days

Unlimited Calls and SMS, 4GB data, 8GB WiFi data, Unlimited Data at night, Validity – 28 days

Unlimited Calls and SMS, 10GB data, 20GB WiFi data, Unlimited Data at night, Validity – 28 days

Unlimited Calls and SMS, 20GB data, 40GB WiFi data, Unlimited Data at night, Validity – 28 days

Unlimited Calls and SMS, 35GB data, 70GB WiFi data, Unlimited Data at night, Validity – 28 days

Unlimited Calls and SMS, 60GB data, 120GB WiFi data, Unlimited Data at night, Validity – 28 days


Unlimited Calls and SMS, 75GB data, 150GB WiFi data, Unlimited Data at night, Validity – 28 days

The above mentioned internet data plan information are taken from Jio official site. You can pick any of the data plan as per your requirement and enjoy unlimited internet surfing with Jio.